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See some scenes of Dr Gupta

Experianís 'Anthem' Commercial (:60) Ė Credit isnít just a score. Itís a skill.


Geico - Going Up: Fast Forward


Travellerís Insurance


Latest Music Video : Featured Dancer : Rita Ora This is How We Do Party Now


Latest Music Video : Being Featured as Taxi Cab Driver in "The All-American Rejects - Beekeeper's Daughter"


Clear Hot Dog commercial


The Eric Andre Show: Mini Episode 13: Piano


Vine Is Full Of Racial Stereotypes


Sunit Gupta in Trolli advert


Sunit Gupta in Trolli advert - Squeeze the Worm


You gotta squeeze the worm to shrink the worm.

Sunit Gupta appeared on the Jay Leno Show - to view click here:

To see Sunit Gupta in Outsourced click here

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